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Earning an MBA is a smart move for anyone seeking a job in which business, finance, administrative and management skills matter. It is also a great choice if you’re on a career ladder that may lead to a corporate C-suite or leadership position in government or nonprofit service. Simply put, the MBA is a graduate degree that helps you climb further and faster, whatever your passion for business may be.

Costs, time and schedule conflicts are the most common reasons that people who are ready to go for their MBA — or who need an advanced business degree to move up in their profession — give up on pursuing this attainable goal, and highly beneficial degree.

The University of Northern Colorado offers three online programs designed to address the barriers that keep prospective MBA students from obtaining the knowledge and skills they need to compete for the best jobs.

Each program gives MBA seekers the flexibility to earn a graduate degree at their own pace and on their own time, without breaking the bank in the process.

Tuition Equity

Many new MBA graduate students experience sticker shock when they return to school, because advertised tuition rates that seem affordable at first don’t include various fees students must pay once they actually register for classes.

Students getting a traditional on-campus business degree are the most likely to find unpleasant surprises in their tuition bill. They may be subject to required fees that cover costs associated with athletic programs, building maintenance, operational costs for student health or tutoring centers, science and computer labs, dining and parking services, library maintenance, and a host of other things they may not need or use.

Business students coming from out of state to study in on-campus programs also face steeper tuition rates, which can limit their options for earning an MBA. They can pay two to three times the tuition their in-state counterparts do, and they do not qualify for state-based financial aid programs. It can take as long as two years in some states to establish residency for tuition and financial aid purposes, and at most schools, international MBA students with non-immigrant visas are not eligible for residency consideration at all.

UNC’s MBA programs are designed to address many of the financial obstacles students encounter in more traditional MBA programs, through tuition equity and transparency. Because the degrees are offered exclusively online, fees are limited and included in the cost of tuition. There’s also no residency requirement, allowing students from across the street and around the globe to study together, so no one has to waste time proving they’re worthy of the lowest tuition rate. Everyone pays the same, with no surprises lurking in the bill.

Other Online Advantages

UNC’s online MBA programs are student-focused, and designed to work with your schedule instead of against it. Whether you are a working professional, a busy mom or dad returning to school, an entrepreneur preparing to launch your ideas, or a rising star taking steps to advance in your career, the flexibility of an online graduate degree can help you get where you want to go in life.

The affordability of UNCs MBA programs also extends to all of the extras that make on-campus study a more costly proposition. Saving time can be as important as saving money, and here are some items you won’t need at UNC:

  • Transportation: You’ll never have to take a bus, arrange a ride, sit in traffic, buy a parking sticker, walk a mile from a remote parking lot, or pile up gas and commuting expenses to get your MBA.
  • Childcare: In the online classroom, you can attend with a baby on your hip, in the carpool line at school, during soccer practice, or after the young ones go to bed.
  • Fashion sense: Study in a suit or pajamas — your professor will never know.
  • Time off from work: Fit your courses and assignments around your schedule, and keep earning a living while you earn your degree.
  • A new lifestyle: Incorporate your studies into your normal routine with family and friends, and learn at your own pace.

Graduate education at UNC is affordable, rigorous and relevant, creating new MBAs who are ready to excel in the modern workplace.

Learn more about the University of Northern Colorado’s online MBA programs.


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