What to Expect From an Online MBA in Healthcare Administration

Welcome to the world of online education! Whether you are returning to online education or just getting started with virtual learning, the University of Northern Colorado’s online MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration is a great place to be. Online courses provide opportunities for unique learning experiences. Here are a few things you can look forward to in this program:

Experienced and Dedicated Faculty Members

Online courses provide a platform for faculty members with real-world experience to share their knowledge with students without the usual limitations of campus schedules and location. Dr. Larry E. Leaming has over 30 years of experience in the healthcare administration field. Serving as a hospital CEO as well as an educator and researcher, he brings both theoretical and practical dimensions to his teaching, providing students access to a deep well of ideas and nuanced examples.

Experienced Peers

Exposure to different perspectives is crucial for reflection and engagement with course concepts. With no geographical restrictions or scheduling restrictions, the virtual classroom provides a unique learning environment. In pursuing a graduate degree, you and your peers bring significant work, life and education experiences to the classroom, allowing for an easy exchange of ideas and the opportunity to build on a shared body of knowledge while learning from one another.

Interesting Coursework and Clearly Defined Curriculum

Successful health administrators are capable of managing both social and business concerns. UNC’s MBA with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration encompasses a wide range of topics important to your success in this field. With skills and insights you’ll gain from courses that cover ethics, statistics, strategic planning and marketing, you will be prepared to take the next step in your career.

To earn your MBA you will need a total of 36 credit hours. Broken down into nine core classes and three classes specific to healthcare administration, the degree plan is clearly defined and easy to follow, enabling you to put your focus on learning. Each course lasts seven weeks so you can complete the program in as little as a year.

Self-Directed Learning

Multiple start dates allow you to create a flexible learning schedule which allows for a smooth integration of your professional and personal priorities with your desire to learn. Creating a schedule that works for your life means you have a better chance of staying on track and completing your graduate degree.

The online learning environment provides instructors an efficient method of distributing a multitude of resources, giving you the opportunity to deepen your exploration of concepts and ideas while still meeting deadlines. Online learning puts you in charge of your education.

Learn more about the UNC online MBA program with an emphasis in Healthcare Administration.

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