Step up to Management With an MBA

The University of Northern Colorado’s Master of Business Administration online program from the Monfort College of Business is designed to help students pursue a broad range of corporate management positions in any industry. The curriculum has been developed in conjunction with top-tier employers to enhance decision-making skills in an evolving global marketplace.

MBA Programs Develop Core Management Competencies

Business professionals enroll in programs like this to break through career ceilings. They do so by strengthening competencies in ethical leadership, managerial accounting, economics, international business, data analytics and visualization, supply chain management, strategic management and advanced finance. Throughout the curriculum, students enhance their abilities in communication, motivation, team dynamics, conflict resolution and culture.

UNC MBA graduates are valued for their readiness to hit the ground running, implementing sound, up-to-the-minute business management practices. This MBA is the chosen path to more challenging and lucrative roles for so many business professionals. 

Leadership Advancement for MBA Graduates

According to the GMAC Alumni Perspectives Survey Report 2018, “The majority of business school alumni feel their graduate management education advanced their careers at a faster rate compared with peers who do not have a graduate management education. Recent alumni tend to be employed in mid-level positions (49 percent), while those who graduated earlier have climbed into senior, executive, or c-suite positions.” More telling, 76% of alumni are satisfied with their career progression — and that satisfaction rate climbs as careers progress. Eighty-seven percent of respondents believe the skills they learned in business school advanced their careers. In addition, 10% of MBA alumni are entrepreneurs, and the rate of entrepreneurship among graduates increases as they move up in their careers.

Salary is always an excellent indicator of value to a corporation. MBA graduates earn a median base salary of $115,000 in the United States, according to GMAC. Those at the senior level earn $135,000, alumni at the executive level earn $185,000, and those in the c-suite earn $225,000.

MBA graduates’ careers progress at an impressive rate. Consider the percentages of graduates at the senior level and above (total senior, executive and c-suite percentages) by graduation years:

Graduation Year Percentage of MBA Alumni at Senior Level Roles and Above
2016-2017 32%
2011-2015 49$
2006-2010 66%
2001-2005 75%
1996-2000 77%

MBA graduates also work on virtual teams (69%), supervise employees (68%), create a budget (62%), make hiring decisions (55%), and manage vendors and suppliers (55%).

It is no wonder, then, that “If you were to ask a roomful of b-school students why they decided to pursue an MBA, the majority would mention leadership in their answer. Whether their goal is becoming the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or inspiring talented people to join their startup, they know that strong leadership skills will be essential to fulfilling their dream.” (U.S. News & World Report)

Employers Prize Key Leadership Traits

So what are these skills that organizations seek to identify in order to hire or promote leaders? Fortune magazine has defined eight — each covered in the UNCO MBA online program — that correlate with performance:  

  1. Driving for results
  2. Business savvy
  3. Inspiring excellence
  4. Influence
  5. Driving execution
  6. Financial acumen
  7. Compelling communications
  8. Entrepreneurship

Flexible Curriculum Tailored to You

MBA curriculums vary in the skills they develop. The UNCO curriculum provides flexibility with a choice of electives in organizational change, talent management and performance management as well as in the fast-growing healthcare field.

If developing your management judgment is a prime motivation for considering an MBA, review the UNCO MBA online curriculum. These courses indicate the type of corporate manager a business professional can become with targeted training.

Learn more about the UNC online MBA program.


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