The Flexibility of Online MBA Programs

You probably work well over 40 hours a week, leaving little time for professional development, let alone earning an MBA in an on-campus program. Even if life has you hard-pressed for time, you do not need to limit your ambitions. Higher education has evolved through online technologies to bring the training to you.

Accelerated specialized programs like the University of Northern Colorado’s online MBA offer the flexibility to pursue academic and career objectives. And the flexibility comes in many forms.

100% online: Never having to commute to campus saves countless hours driving, getting presentable to go out in public, walking to and from your car, and waiting for the classroom sessions to begin.

Multiple start dates: Online programs like the UNC MBA usually offer several start dates per year, rather than the two or three that are common to on-campus programs. When you’re ready, chances are you will not have to wait long.

Self-paced learning: While on-campus professors must choose whether to present a course for the fastest or slowest students, online programs allow you to learn at your own speed. Spend more time with difficult material, move quickly through familiar sections, and choose a course sequence that makes sense for you.

Anytime learning: You can listen to lectures; take tests; and submit work morning, noon or night as your schedule permits. This is essential as you balance academic commitments with professional, parenting and personal responsibilities.

Diverse learning resources: Online course content is more varied than that found in campus settings. You will have access to materials through a variety of channels, and as you go, you will discover how to maximize your learning style, whether you are a visual learner who likes to incorporate a lot of multimedia, or a collaborative learner eager to engage with others and contribute in team environments. Knowing your ideal learning style will prove beneficial throughout your career.

Accessibility: If you live in a remote area, are physically disabled or have young children, online programs offer opportunities that were unavailable just a few years ago. A marketing analyst in Philadelphia can now earn an MBA from a business school in Colorado.

Affordability: Because online programs do not require the overhead expense of building maintenance and can attract students located anywhere, the model substantially reduces cost. Tuition for the UNC Master of Business Administration online degree program is just $22,140 for in-state and out-of-state students alike, fees included.

A few decades ago, the rigidity in postgraduate education kept many working professionals from advancing. Today, the online format provides the flexibility working professionals need to stretch their careers without making extraordinary sacrifices or taking inordinate risks.

Learn more about the UNC online MBA program.


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