Even More Reasons to Earn an MBA Online

A Master of Business Administration is widely considered the gold standard among business leadership credentials. The graduate degree is valued, not only for its advanced accounting and finance training, but as a key qualification for promotion to upper-management positions. In recent years, the growth of online MBA programs has made obtaining the advanced degree more convenient, especially for working professionals who cannot enroll full time in college. The increased demand for online MBAs has led to a larger number of universities offering the online program. In 2017, U.S. News & World Report ranked 180 online MBA programs. The following year, that number grew to nearly 270.

The ability to take courses remotely and the convenience of logging onto classes on weekends are well-known reasons online MBAs are more popular than ever. But the benefits go far beyond convenience.

Benefits of Earning an Online MBA

Diversity: While brick-and-mortar programs largely pull from MBA candidates who live near campus, online courses allow students to collaborate with students from around the country and even abroad. The wider perspectives and diversity of thought afforded from online platforms are a lesser known but highly valuable benefit of online MBA programs.

Global Immersion Opportunities: Many online MBA programs supplement their curriculum with overseas immersion program to China, Europe, the Middle East and other overseas destinations. Some U.S. universities have even seen the benefit of opening satellite universities in other countries. Courses on international trade and international finance take on new meaning when students have the opportunity to learn from business leaders who live and work overseas.

Benefits of Cohorts: Cohorts are the team of students who pass through an online MBA program at the same time. The students are grouped according to their shared aptitudes and career goals. Cohorts form the beginning of an MBA candidate’s career-building network. They add a sense of community to the online graduate learning experience while fostering a collaborative spirit among students. Business schools often enlist second-year cohorts to provide coaching for first-year students.

Time-Management Skills: Earning a graduate degree while balancing work and personal life is never easy. A 2017 article in U.S. News & World Report said many managers will respect online MBA graduates for their time management skills. Chris Vennitti, president of the staffing firm HireStrategy, said that many employers view the work-life balancing act as a positive.

Online MBA grads, Vennitti said, are demonstrating a drive to “further both their education and career.”

The benefits of an online MBA program are clear. The degree comes with the benefits of a diverse group of classmates, while demonstrating a commitment to continuing education. The University of Northern Colorado’s (UNC) online MBA program provides preparation for leadership in a wide range of corporate management roles within the rapidly evolving global marketplace. Topics taught by UNC faculty include ethical leadership, economics, data analytics, finance and more. Convenience is only one of many benefits of online MBA programs.

Learn more about the UNC online MBA program.


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