UNC Monfort College of Business Online Faculty

The supportive faculty at UNC’s Monfort College of Business bring both academic credentials and practical experience gained in the field. Our professors are committed to ensuring you gain the requisite skills and knowledge to succeed.

Meet the Faculty

Dr. Cris de la Torre


UNCO Faculty - Cris De La Torre

"I want students to get an appreciation on how finance can help manage a company."

Janel Greiman

Associate Professor

UNCO Faculty - Janel Greiman

"The expected learning outcome is for students to acquire a basic level of understanding of the accounting process, how it relates to business and understanding of financial statements."

Dr. Abe Harraf


UNCO Faculty - Abe Harraf

"As a third-generation educator whose parents and grandparents were school teachers and principals, the profession of teaching is a calling that goes deep in my veins. I enjoy interacting with students, sharing knowledge, and assisting in their pursuit of academic endeavors."

Dr. Keiko Krahnke

Associate Professor

UNCO Faculty - Keiko Krahnke

"My passion is to help students broaden their minds to new knowledge, develop their own sense of purpose and find their place as a future leader to make a difference in the world."

Dr. Larry E. Leaming

Adjunct Professor

UNCO Faculty - Larry Leaming

"Healthcare and Health Administration is a very dynamic industry. It's challenging and also deeply rewarding. Your decisions and actions will change the lives of people for the better."

Dr. Jay Lightfoot

Associate Dean & Professor

UNCO Faculty - Jay Lightfoot

"Students will learn basic database concepts and will have sufficient background to communicate data and reportingrequirements to computer professionals. Students will also learn how to perform effective data analysis utilizingpopular data analytics software."

Dr. Bob Lynch


UNCO Faculty - Bob Lynch

"I'd like to see students become skilled in working with large data sets and in extracting useful information from the analysis—and then use tools to visualize their analysis for others."

Dr. Isaac Wanasika


UNCO Faculty - Isaac Wanasika

"I joined the teaching profession because I wanted to be at the center and a catalyst for connecting business practice and new knowledge."

Dr. William Wilcox


UNCO Faculty - William Wilcox

"Accounting is the language of business, so we need to be comfortable with the terminology and how it is used. We also need to know what the numbers mean, and how our individual activities can influence those numbers."

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