Gain a Global Business Perspective With an MBA Degree

Globalization offers corporations many competitive advantages. By shifting manufacturing processes overseas, corporations can lower operating costs, secure raw materials at reduced prices owing to tariff reduction and expand their customer base.

With globalization on the rise, the operations and collaborations of businesses today are markedly different than they were just two decades ago. MBA graduates that excel in their careers in the 21st century will do so by becoming knowledgeable in the differences in international business strategy, operations and practices today, which are frequently shaped by global factors. The online Master of Business Administration (MBA) program from the University of Northern Colorado (UNC) equips professionals with the ability to anticipate and adapt their business practices to suit other nations’ economic and cultural requirements.

Global Market Economics

MBA students in the UNC online MBA program gain a firm understanding of economics, which is crucial in shaping global markets. The curriculum familiarizes students with the workings of international trade, such as the concept of comparative advantage and the impact of trade policies on businesses. Students also become proficient in macroeconomic concepts, such as exchange rates and monetary policy, to appreciate how these factors affect the global economic environment. As they progress through their coursework, students analyze and interpret financial data and trends, as this is essential in making informed decisions in a rapidly changing economic landscape.

Students in this program also learn about the effects of globalization on economic development and inequality, both increasingly pertinent concerns in the globalized world. These effects include the impact of globalization on developing economies and the potential consequences of trade imbalances and financial crises. Students also learn to recognize the ethical and social dimensions of globalization and economics and how to critically evaluate policies that may impact vulnerable communities. With a solid grounding in economics, students gain a deeper appreciation of the complexities of globalization and navigating the dynamic and interconnected global marketplace.

Cross-Cultural Business Environments

Today’s corporations often operate in multicultural environments. Students in UNC’s online MBA program learn to appreciate the significant role that cultural differences play in shaping business practices and strategies. This includes how cultural differences affect consumer behavior, management styles and communication practices. By exploring how these differences manifest in different aspects of international business, students develop cross-cultural competence, which is essential in navigating the complexities of global business environments.

Business professionals working for transnational and multinational corporations must be able to adapt to diverse cultural contexts and develop cultural intelligence. Examples of cultural intelligence include identifying and understanding cultural differences, learning from diverse perspectives and communicating effectively across cultures. It also involves recognizing and respecting cultural nuances and adapting to them in a way that is appropriate and effective.

With a deep understanding of cultural differences and the ability to adapt to diverse cultural contexts, students enhance their cross-cultural competence and become equipped to succeed in the globalized business environment.

Trade, Information and People Flows

The UNC online MBA program delves into the three interconnected facets of globalization: trade, information and people flows. Trade flows refer to the movement of goods and services across international borders. Students discover the factors that drive international trade, such as tariff and non-tariff barriers, trade agreements and currency exchange rates. They study the impact of global trade on various stakeholders, such as businesses, governments and consumers, and learn how to analyze and interpret trade-related data to inform business decisions.

Information flows refer to the exchange of ideas, knowledge and information across international borders, facilitated by advances in technology and communication. Students learn to appreciate the significant role information flows play in shaping the global business environment. Coursework exposes students to various types of information flows, such as digital communication, social media and e-commerce, and provides experience in using data analytics to inform marketing strategies or developing e-commerce platforms to reach new customers.

People flows refer to the movement of people across international borders. Through coursework, students explore the impacts of people flows on businesses and the global economy, such as the contribution of migrant workers to the labor force and the economic benefits of international students. They also learn to appreciate the cultural diversity that people flows bring to the global business environment and develop cross-cultural competence to interact effectively with people from different backgrounds.

A Curriculum That Provides a Modern Global Business Perspective

The concepts discussed in this article are taught in UNC’s online MBA program curriculum and highlighted in the following courses:

  • Advanced International Business focuses on the mechanics of globalization and the mastery of business strategy, operation and practices from a global perspective. It explores national differences in political economy, culture and ethics, their implications in international management and how to integrate them into a global strategy.
  • Advanced Financial Management covers the time value of money, risk and return, capital budgeting, financial analysis and modeling, capital structure, working capital management and international corporate finance.

If you want to work for a multinational or transnational corporation, this program will provide the conceptual framework, knowledge, training and skills in high demand across industries.

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