Build Your Brand With a YouTube Channel

Business branding is about building relationships and telling stories. One of the best tools for this process is YouTube. Starting and perfecting a YouTube channel allows a business to gain insight into its customers and engage in various modes of online marketing. As the internet’s second largest search engine behind Google, YouTube can help improve a brand’s search engine optimization (SEO) and overall online presence. Presenting unique content on YouTube is a way for a business to ensure that viewers can easily consume and share what they’ve watched.

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Benefits of YouTube Marketing for Businesses

YouTube marketing is about promoting a product, brand or service. Below are a few ways that marketers can use YouTube:

  • Run video advertisements. At least 70% of people say they bought a product after seeing it on a YouTube ad. Paying for ads on YouTube can promote a brand and deliver results.
  • Create original videos. Posting high-quality videos is a way to get noticed on the platform.
  • Partner with some influencers. Influencers that take advantage of their popularity on YouTube will often partner with different types of brands. Working with content creators can increase brand awareness and build credibility.

Understanding how the YouTube algorithm works is important in gaining visibility and optimizing the posted video content. Making sure the right people find the videos requires attention to title keywords, the popularity of the video and what types of videos a viewer typically watches.

Researching who the target audience is and looking into the competition can reveal a business’s strengths and weaknesses and create opportunities. By having a specific niche and knowing the target audience, a business can be selective about its goals on YouTube. When creating video titles, utilizing SEO-focused keywords and phrases will go a long way to gaining views and likes on the platform.

Some benefits of YouTube marketing are that a business can reach a much larger audience, increase brand and product awareness, drive sales and traffic to the business website, improve online search visibility, build credibility and trust, increase revenue and generate leads by including links to landing pages. By marketing on YouTube, a company can learn much about its customers and clients.

YouTube Analytics not only provides basic information, such as the number of subscribers the channel has, the number of views each video has and how much time viewers have spent watching the videos. This resource also tracks how viewers find the videos, audience retention, other channels the viewers watch and the age and gender of the viewers. By understanding watch time and traffic sources, a business can target its audience and give them what they want.

What’s Next

The Digital Marketing course in this online MBA in Marketing program allows students to study social media marketing, web design, mobile marketing, search engine marketing and how web analytics are transforming how brands, companies and individuals plan and practice strategic marketing. This course can help students understand how marketing integrates with YouTube and adapts to changes in the marketing world.

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